Design and Resiliency Teams Information

What it is

Five-person multidisciplinary teams of public and private sector experts from fields relevant to the community’s need (e.g., sustainability, climate change, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, economic development, finance, the arts).


Day one community tours, stakeholder focus groups, an evening public workshop, followed by an intense two-day team charrette, a final evening community presentation on the team’s findings and recommendations, and a final report.


There is no direct cost to communities to participate. DART funding covers ALL the team time, travel, and out-of-pocket expenses for four DARTs in 2017. DARTs do NOT provide any funding to communities or cover community outreach, venue, and staff time.


Any project with a climate change or other resiliency component or that can benefit from thinking about resiliency is eligible. The focus of each DART will vary depending on community needs and opportunities. Regardless of the issue, a DART will work with community decision-makers and stakeholders during an intensive three day planning process that can be comparable to a planning study that would otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars.