Upcoming Projects

2017 – 2018  DARTs

Metro Las Vegas, NV

The intended purpose of the 2017-2018 DART technical assistance is to examine regional vulnerabilities and existing risk assessments of extreme weather and climate-related events to develop strategic recommendations that provide specific urban design standards and techniques that will increase the region’s resiliency to these extreme events. This DART will evaluate cross-sector vulnerabilities, such as weather related impacts to the built, natural, economic and social environment due to variations of the local climate; analyze the potential for multiple extreme events that are likely to occur at an increased frequency and/or intensity; and ultimately how to proactively mitigate those effects in order to be better prepared now and moving forward.

Based on the identified vulnerabilities from the previous work, the DART project team will create strategic recommendations that incorporate elements of parallel efforts and current and past projects. The resulting DART product should:

  • Continue to raise awareness about potential vulnerabilities in the Las Vegas Valley due to extreme weather events
  • Promote sustainability efforts regionally and where appropriate, incorporate national best practices
  • Establish a set of urban design guidelines and techniques that will assist in mitigating the potential effects of extreme weather-related events
  • Increase regional collaboration with respect to local resiliency efforts
  • Engage all residents in the planning process, especially those who are typically underserved or underrepresented in policy making decisions and reflect a welcoming culture and spirit of acceptance in order to meet the needs of existing and future residents
  • Highlight traditionally underserved areas and ensure measures are in place for equitable access to emergency services in case of a potentially disastrous extreme weather event
  • Expand data-driven analysis to test policies and explore future implications due to variations in climate over time
  • Assist in strengthening the connection of local systems to proactively combat vulnerabilities associated with extreme weather events that cross multiple sectors

The concepts proposed for the 2017-2018 DART will strive to coordinate and supplement with those concurrent planning efforts, while adding strategic recommendations for green infrastructure and capital projects that are intended to mitigate the potential harmful effects of extreme weather events. This could include specific low-impact development techniques that are not commonly practiced in Southern Nevada.